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What Should You Automate in Your Home?

With the right technology and know-how, the sky’s (almost) the limit when it comes to your home automation goals

It’s crazy to think that we once lived in a world where the best thing about our clunky, old Nokias was the classic mobile Snake game. Fast forward to today, we rely on our mobiles and smart devices to keep us connected 24/7, whilst enjoying a myriad of other fancy capabilities.

From taking professional-grade photography to checking your security cameras while on the go, we’ve come a long way. At Nisi Group, we take it one step further. We love using technology to innovatively meet our clients’ lifestyle and demands. Whether it’s a small job or a larger project for an entire house, we ensure our smart home solutions come with a highly personalised service with unique expertise.

Completing the works from start to finish, from design to programming and maintenance, we work closely with you to bring your smart home automation goals to life. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the handy home automation tricks that our clients can’t live without!

Our top 5 home automation ideas

Automatic lighting

Whether it’s for one room, or the entire house, you can automate your lighting to turn on and off, brighten or dim, without a single touch. Enhancing convenience and energy efficiency, you can hit play on your home theatre remote, and have your Control4 home automation set up to automatically dim the lights and create the perfect mood setting.

Plus, automated lighting can provide great peace of mind when you’re out and about or on holidays. With programmed lighting, you can have your lights turn on at both scheduled and randomised times to simulate occupancy.

Automatic heating & cooling

Whether you’ve heading back after a morning jog or you’re on your way home from work, there’s nothing worse than waiting for the air conditioner to ramp up on a hot summer’s day. The same goes for the winter season, where you find yourself wishing that the heater didn’t have to take so long to kick in.

With automated climate control and remote sensors throughout your house, your Control4 system can automatically sense the outside temperature, season or time of day, and adjust the inside temperature accordingly. You’ll always have the perfect temperature no matter which room you’re in!

Automatic blinds

By installing automatic blinds, sensors can trigger your blinds to automatically open or close by detecting the overall temperature or brightness in a room. Not an early bird? You can set up your blinds to automatically open at a certain time in the morning, and use it as your daily cue to rise and shine.

Together with automated heating and cooling, your blinds can optimise your entire house’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills in the long run.

Automatic security

When you created a beautiful home that you’ve worked hard for, there’s always that niggling fear of leaving it unattended for periods of time – especially when you go on holidays! And that’s why a smart security system can keep your worries at bay.

Automatically detecting motion inside and/or outside your home, smart security cameras can send you instant notifications and live stream updates if there’s unexpected activity. Whether it’s the postman dropping a parcel off or a potential intruder, you have the ability to assess and deal with the situation, wherever you are.

Automatic door locks & access

Think about all those times you had your hands full with the grocery shopping, only to have to put it all down on the ground in order to get your keys out to unlock the door – what a pain! With automatic door locks, you can set up your front door or garage to detect your arrival and automatically unlock doors for you. This can also be combined with having automatically activating your lights, triggering your heating or cooling and other customised programmes.

Complementing your automated security, you can take it a step further with smart access control to monitor when and how people can have access to your premises. You can also opt to get rid of keys altogether, by implementing access via a key-fob, PIN, swipe card or fingerprint.

Truly, your home automation set up can be intuitively personalised to your exact liking and lifestyle preferences.

If you’d like a hand with implementing your smart home or discovering how else you can use Control4 to simplify your everyday, visit our Control4 showroom or contact us by calling 03 9071 2400 today!

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