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Why chose Nisi Group for your home automation?

If you are wanting home automation, then you are going to want more than just an amazing system. You are going to want to careful design, efficient installation and reliable support throughout the whole process. It can be hard to know how and where to obtain this. Here at NISI group, we have years of experience that make us an easy choice.

There are various reasons why we are the ideal choice for your home automation needs, in this blog we will discuss some of them.


We are proud to call ourselves experts in the field of home automation installation. We take pride in our work, staff and technology that we us to ensure you as a client are getting the very best. We have years of satisfied customers under our belt and have worked with a variety of different clientele and homes, providing us with a good understanding of potential problems and more importantly, guaranteed solutions.


No two homes or clients are the same, therefore unlike other providers who just provide cookie cutter options, we work with you as an individual to provide tailored solutions. It is extremely important to have the option to customise otherwise you could end up paying for features you don’t want or need, while missing out on ones you wanted. Also, having the mindset of customabilty allows us to create smarter and more effective solutions for you, which in the long run can save you time, money and make your home even more efficient.


We are forward thinkers that always look for the latest and greatest technology, systems and processes around. We do this to ensure you as the client get the very best. We believe it is important for businesses like ours to not get caught in the trap of just doing things as we always have done, but rather growing with trends and technology and always staying ahead of the competition.


Along with all the points that make us a reliable and effective company, we take pride in serving the community. We support meaningful and life-changing foundations such as Beyond Blue, Ambulance Victoria and IWDA. We know this is crucial because good companies are good at what they do and do good things.

We aren’t the only ones saying good things about ourselves. Our customers know about our great service also provide us with excellent testimonials. You can view our reviews on Google.

Whatever the case may be, we love making our clients happy with the best smart home automation system for them. If you are desiring a smart home and are still not 100% sure about why we are the best choice, then give us a call on 03 9071 2400 and our friendly and knowledgable team can help answer any questions.

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