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Why Control4 Centralised Lighting is the new CBUS

The demand for automation is increasing and as it does certain companies and systems tend to power ahead, while others lag behind. Here at NISI group we are powering forward and ensuring we are using the most up-to-date systems and processes.

In this blog, we explain why Control4 Centralised Lighting is the new CBUS and why your home lighting can be better than it’s ever been.

Firstly, CBUS is basically is a microprocessor wiring system that automates lights. Although this used to be an effective and convenient way of home automation, things have since progressed.

Control4 is the one-stop-shop for all things automation, especially for lighting. Most people associate home automation upgrades with major rewiring projects and renovations, but that isn’t the case anymore. Having your home updated and automated is actually easier than ever, and we make tailor the system specifically for your needs.

NISI uses Control4 for Centralised Lighting and more, because of the seamless way it connects you with your home. It is intuitive, well-designed and efficient. They are the best choice for home automation.

Although smart lighting is a staple in the KNX range, they also have climate and audio control options. We are masters at personalising the automation desires you have and ensure to pick the best systems and processes. That is why Control4 is leaps ahead of the competition and is the new CBUS.

You can brighten or dim any light in your home or even have lights respond to movement. You get the convenience, efficiency and security. Turn on or off all the lights in your house with one button - how perfect is that for when you are leaving the house but don’t want to run into all the rooms and check the lights. And with a simple tap you can lock your doors, change the temperature and start a movie - its a system that moves beyond smart and moves into brilliance.

If you are after automating your home, then look no further then us here at NISI group and our specialist use of Control4. They are the most advanced systems and they effortlessly fit into your life, taking your home to the next level.

Contact us today at 03 9071 2400 for more information about control4 smart lighting or other intelligent systems today and how you can get your own custom system designed and installed.

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