Choosing CCTV Security Cameras in Melbourne


Many people are choosing to install CCTV security cameras in their Melbourne homes and businesses. At Nisi Group, we make it easy to select the best system for your needs. We help you integrate a complete security system to keep your property safe, even when you aren’t there.

Choosing to install an integrated security system will give you peace of mind and allows you to keep tabs on your property no matter where you are. Keeping your belongings safe is an important step in an increasingly dangerous world.

About Nisi Group

Named after our founder Damian Nisi, the Nisi Group prides itself on performance and customer service. Our showroom is in Cheltenham where you can make an appointment to view our products in action and have your questions answered by one of our staff members. Let us provide you with security and reliability you won’t get anywhere else.


Start by booking an appointment at our showroom and start designing your system today!

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We offer all customers a free, no-obligation installation quote today! Just contact us by phone on 03 9071 2400 or fill in the contact form below and we’ll have one of our staff speak to you about your requirements.


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