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The Nisi Group offers Smart Home Security Systems 


Here at the Nisi Group, we are well known for our home automation solutions, but many people do not realise that these can include smart home security systems as well. Protect your loved ones and property at home or away from the convenience of your phone or tablet. Our qualified staff will design and install the best system to fit your needs.


Signs You Should Invest in a Smart Security Camera System


This is the 21st century, and if you are a homeowner, you want 21st-century solutions to your home security issues. The old-fashioned lock and key might have been the height of security a hundred years ago, but with smart homes come smart security. Given how fast the industry changes, we might even have options you are not even aware of yet.


  • Residential CCTV systems are a forte of ours and are more and more common in the Melbourne area. These systems give you the peace of mind of being able to view your property remotely.

  • If you’re dealing with issues such as a bad neighbour or vandalism in your neighbourhood, a CCTV system can prevent escalation and if something does come to a head, provide evidence that can be used to put the situation to an end.

  • For parents, CCTV can help ensure that your teens are not partying when you are away for the weekend. 


How Much Do You Know About Smart Home Security Solutions?


CCTV is only one aspect of our home security solutions. With the rise in integrated smart homes, our security systems can be included in a comprehensive smart home system. Control the cameras and alarms with the same ease as you can control your lighting and entertainment systems.


  • Our systems are designed and installed by our experienced and licenced staff. We tailor each system to your needs and desires. All of them can be used in-house or remotely, giving you the peace of mind you need to travel without worrying about what is happening at home.

  • You want a system that does not take from your décor, and our designers take that into mind, offering home automation and security without the wires that can mar your design.

  • Home security systems can be technically complex, but our installers take all the hassle out of it, dealing with the technical aspects to provide a simple and easy to use the system for your home.


A short Buyers Guide for Smart Home Security Camera Systems


Given their complexity, it is often best to deal with a professional when considering a security camera system for your home. Our fully licenced staff have years of experience in designing, installing and instructing homeowners on the use of their new security systems.


If you are in the market for home automation or even if you have any questions about it, contact us today to schedule an appointment in our showroom.

Smart Home Security System

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