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Nisi Group. Your one stop shop for everything home automation

So you have decided to automate your home, but now you are researching all the companies possible that can make your dream home come true.

You’ll undoubtedly find companies boast about their lighting service or their audio and media rooms, but what they fail to mention is they provide cookie cutter services that are not tailored to your needs.

You can fall into the trap of paying a lot of money for a system that is not 100% compatible with your home and lifestyle.

That is where NISI group come in - we are your one-stop-shop for entire home automation. We offer custom solutions so your entire home is upgraded seamlessly and hassle free.

Our friendly team work with you to discuss your needs and wants and then we put together a tailored plan of action so that every part of your new smart home is functional and designed perfectly.

We are well aware of the necessity of a smart security system. We work with our clients to provide them with complete access control and a secure way of monitoring their home through an extensive camera system. Nothing provides you with more peace of mind then having a well designed smart security system.

Smart home lighting is a must have if you want your home to be truly automated. They are efficient, elegant and provide a level of convenience that is unmatched. A simple tap of a button can turn off all the lights in your home, saving you the time of having to go and check every room and make sure they are off. Also, you never have to return to a dark home again as lights can be manually controlled via your smart devices. This also adds another layer of security as you can time your lights to convince surrounding people you are home, while away.

Having your favourite music playing throughout your home is a modern luxury. And it can be achieved without the hassle of carrying a portable speaker everywhere and having it disconnect when you get too far from the source device. Instead your whole house or just isolated rooms can have your favourite tunes, podcast or audio book playing. You can also have it set up so that the movie or show you are watching is broadcast through multiple rooms, so even if you pop up to make a snack or go to the loo, you can hear everything.

Along with automated audio, comes automated media rooms. Having the mood set by dimming the lights, adjusting the volume and automatically playing your show or movie, will really make you feel like you are living in the future.

On top of all of these conveniences comes climate control. Having your home constantly set to the desired temperatures, adjusting as necessary and turning on and setting your home prior to you arriving home, is a major convenience not only for your comfort but also for the electricity bill.

Everything we have described may seem impossible to achieve from one company alone, but it is. In fact, using one company alone makes the whole process easier, cleaner and faster as everything from the design to installation is together.

So no more do you need to think about how your home can be automated. Instead, contact us at 03 9071 2400 and our knowledgable staff can work with you to create the best and custom automated smart home all from one convenient company.

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