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How to Work from a Smart(er) Home

Working remotely? Here’s how you can make your home work harder for you

Over the last year, many of us have gotten used to working from home and limited social activities. Due to the unpredictable nature of COVID-19-related restrictions and lockdowns, teams have acclimated to working remotely. From stable Wi-Fi networking for Zoom meetings to smart climate control for cold days, it’s important to have your home office environment optimised for maximum productivity.

Beyond the 9 to 5 grind, a smart home setup can simplify and streamline your everyday life. Whether it’s a smart home security system for your peace of mind or automated home entertainment, you and your family can determine your needs and wants. Customised to your requirements, a Control4 home automation setup is easily scalable – depending on your budget, you can upgrade your entire house at once or start with a smaller area and make additions over time.

Designing a smart home office

When you consult with the Nisi Group team, we take the jargon and hassle out of your automation experience. Ensuring you get the most value out of your system, we’ll chat with you to understand your ultimate goals and requirements before tailoring a solution to your exact needs. From full design to customisation, installation to aftercare, we won’t leave until you’re confident with operating your new Control4 setup.

We can help you with creating a smart home office too! Maximising your home’s technological abilities, here’s an idea of how Control4 can elevate your ‘working from home’ experience:

Unsurpassed connectivity – Enjoy a whole-home seamless Wi-Fi system that prioritises your experience. Everything works at all times. Say goodbye to interrupted Zoom calls or lost work due to an unstable network.

Intercom anywhere – Minimise unnecessary distractions but stay in the know with Control4’s ‘intercom anywhere’, perfect for communication in large homes

Smart security – With Control4’s smart security system, you can monitor your home remotely. That means if someone’s rung the doorbell and you’re halfway through a conference call, you can still answer the door and provide access without leaving your seat.

Smart lighting & climate control – Spending more hours at home can cause energy bills to add up quickly. Rather than traditional on/off switches, a Control4 smart lighting and climate control system gives you the added convenience of brightening/dimming lights or ramping the temperature up/down depending on your requirements.

The possibilities with your Control4 smart home are endless. With every setup being entirely customisable, it’s important that we understand what you’re looking to achieve so we can tailor a solution accordingly.

Talk to Nisi Group about your smart home goals

As a certified Control4 dealership, you can rest assured that our team can look after you the entire way through – from initial consult to aftercare and repairs. Once you’ve established a relationship with us, we can help you update or expand your Control4 setup as technology changes, keeping up with your modern lifestyle.

If you’re interested in our Control4 home automation systems or have any questions, we’d love to assist you! Please contact us today or schedule an appointment in our showroom.

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