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What to think about for your Family Multi-Media room

Are you one of the families that love posting videos on TikTok? Or are you looking to bring the entire family closer through fun and play? Planning or upgrading your family Multi-Media room isn’t difficult when you have the right guidance.

Start with the purpose

Are you a yoga family, a fitness family, a family that loves movies, or a gaming family? For some, a Multi-Media room is used to entertain friends and for social gatherings. Will you use it occasionally or more frequently, and will the room be for children too or only adults?

A Multi-Media room for a family with small children looks different from one for parties. The main difference is practicality and design. Making sure that the equipment is safe from spills and damage will save you a grey hair or two.

Once you know your goal, it’s easier to recognize what should be in the room or what’s missing in your existing one. Now you can start planning which equipment to buy.

A family Multi-Media room for gaming

Family fun and gaming away brings everyone in the family together. Choose the right games depending on how old the children are and get the right video equipment. Smaller children don’t need to sit in front of huge screens while teenagers appreciate that a lot more.

With our Control4 systems, it’s easy to choose the right game depending on the age. This way, the entire family, or siblings, can enjoy the best game for them.

For a Cinema or Theatre room

If you’re looking to use your family Multimedia room to watch movies, the seats, visual experience and sound are the most important aspects. You can make it cosy, or simple and luxurious. Another idea is to put both luxury and comfort together to create a unique atmosphere. Depending on the type of genres you prefer to watch, you can let the design follow the overall theme.

For guest entertainment

If you’re looking to entertain guests, you’ll most likely want to enjoy some music. Even if you play charades, background music adds to the atmosphere. And when you’re having a party, a clear sound makes it a lot more enjoyable for everyone. Except for having the right speakers, how you design the room matters too.

For more intimate and cosy gatherings, you can put the furniture closer together and for larger and more lively events, go for a room that is more “airy” and leaves space to move around. Let the Control4 also help you with the right light for an even better experience.

No matter what you will use your family Multi-Media room for, at Nisi Group, we will help you with the best equipment and a nice-looking design. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way and answer your questions. Contact us here to speak to someone from our team and start planning your perfect Multi-Media room.

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