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Home Theatre vs Multi-Media room, which is better?

Having a dedicated home theatre space would be an amazing addition to your home. A designated space purely for indulging in media entertainment, where the sound and video quality is at its highest and the seats are super comfortable. This is obviously the ideal situation, but not everyone can spare a whole room for this kind of set-up but still wants something similar.

To the question of which is better a dedicated home theatre or a multi-media room, the answer is - It depends.

If you have the space and ability to allocate a whole room and resources to a home theatre room, then you won’t regret it. You can easily set the perfect scene each time you sit to watch a movie, sporting game or tv show. The quality of everything will have guests jealous of your setup and you’ll quickly become the designated cinema for your friends and family. But not everyone can sacrifice this much space in their home, so a multi-media room would be a great second option and there are a lot of great options available that enhance multi-media rooms.


The sound of the room is of the utmost importance! There is nothing worse than having poor sound quality when you are trying to watch or listen to media. Surround sound is key and having dynamic audio that immerses you in the experience can be achieved through a range of speakers. Nisi Group offers speakers for every budget including Triad, Martin Logan, Lithe Audio & Theory Audio to name a few. You can feature these speakers on pedestals or walls and they can be hidden or colour matched to avoid eyesores. Ranging from bronze to platinum, they are powerful and secret enough to fill any space.


The type of screen you want for a multi-media room setup is important to not be too obvious and overbearing as the room will be used for other applications, but you still want to have quality video display. You can opt for a projector or a TV that can be hidden and built into the cabinetry. This way you can watch TV when you want and then hide the screen when not in use. This is great for ensuring the space is adaptable and user-friendly.


You can easily transform your multi-media room into a completely controllable setup. From automated blinds to retractable TV screens your set up can feel luxurious and adaptable with a push of a button. This is a great way to have a functional, spacious and natural media room without taking up all the space of a home theatre room. You can even get the lights to dim, background music and automated announcements all through a single button press.

If you don’t have the space for a complete home theatre option, you can still experience an amazing home media option. From high quality speakers to ultimate video displays all while working with the surrounding room, you can own and share in a great home entertainment system.

For more information about whether a home theatre or a multi-media room is right for you contact our friendly team at 03 9071 2400 to discuss your specific needs and the ideal and affordable solutions.

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