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Practical Smart Home Automation Ideas for 2021

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Make the best of your everyday living with our top 5 most practical smart home solutions

And just like that, another year’s gone by and 2021’s given us the fresh start we’ve all been waiting for. A new year calls for new beginnings, a chance to reset goals and pursue our dreams.

From smart lighting to smart security systems, home automation has transformed how we live with everyday convenience and peace of mind. At Nisi Group, we’re all about helping our customers make the most of their homes by designing tailored home automation setups. Whether it’s for a brand new build or an existing property, we’ve collated our top five smart home automation ideas to kick-start your 2021 dream home goals.

1. Enjoy audio in any room, every room

Jimmy Barnes or Justin Bieber, the perfect audio setup is essential for music lovers and entertainers. With Control4’s multi-room audio, you can stream your favourite playlist on full blast through the entire house when you’re completing cleaning chores or play background tune softly in the dining room when guests are over – your home, your choice!

With just one touch of a button or a simple voice command, you can indulge in great-sounding music in every room of the house. Part of Control4’s audio line-up, the Triad speakers deliver an exceptional audio experience, with superior configuration options for every space.

2. Smart lighting for brighter possibilities

Not just convenient, smart lighting can also enhance your home’s energy efficiency and security. Personalised to your liking, it’s a single touch of magic that’ll have you brightening or dimming lights in the room, or through the entire house. Just imagine the bliss of not having to trudge through the entire house to switch off the lights as you leave for work or getting ready for bed.

When integrated into your entire home automation setup, you can also automate lighting scenes – for example, when you turn on the TV for a movie night, you can trigger a sequence to simultaneously dim the lights and turn on surround sound audio. The possibilities with Control4 smart lighting are endless!

3. A cinema to call your own

From family blockbuster nights to watching your favourite sports games, you can enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home – BYO popcorn and drinks. Jumping straight into the action, a Control4 home theatre solution will help you set the perfect scene each and every time.

With one sophisticated remote and Dolby Atmos theatre-grade speakers, you’ll get lost in the cine-magic of it all. Everything comes together beautifully and simply, with zero fussing around.

4. Unparalleled security for you and your family

Whether you’re heading out for the day or going on vacation, there’s no greater comfort than knowing your household and loved ones are protected. Using only the best of CCTV security systems, the Nisi Group can help you take the guesswork out of your security requirements.

From access control to security cameras, panic buttons, door sensors, movement detectors, smoke alarms and more, we’ll tailor and professional install a whole-house system that best suits your needs. With remote access, you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world via a smart device.

5. Heating and cooling, but more

Imagine driving home from work on a cold, wintery night, dreading the thought of stepping into your freezing home and having to wait for the heating to ramp up. Or perhaps it’s a hot summer’s day and you need to turn on the air conditioning for your furbabies, ensuring their comfort and safety. Whatever the situation is, Control4 climate control offers remote access while also being able to automatically sense the outdoor temperature, season or time of day and adjust the inside temperature accordingly.

Without touching the thermostat, our smart temperature sensors will ensure the perfect temperature no matter which room you’re in. Experience comfort and energy efficiency at its best with intelligent heating and cooling.

Let’s chat about your smart home automation goals

The friendly team at Nisi Group can help you plan, design and install a fully-integrated and competitively priced home automation package to meet your needs. Adhering to the highest industry and safety standards, we’ll guide you through your new system and won’t leave until you are 100% confident with working it.

If you’d like to experience home automation in action, we’d love for you to visit our beautiful, fully integrated Control4 certified showroom. To learn more about our custom smart home solutions and how we can help you achieve your 2021 dream home goals, please give us a call on 03 9071 2400 or fill out our enquiry form today!

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