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Answering the Ever-Popular Question: “Is Home Automation Worth it?”

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Embracing technology innovations that make our homes smarter and safer

With technology rapidly advancing as times are changing, owning a smart home is now more affordable than ever. From smart doorbells to voice-controlled lighting, we have a huge array of accessible options at our fingertips. A simple voice command or single tap is all it takes – you can even set up automatic routines to match your schedule, requiring no prompts at all!

At Nisi Group, we love tailoring smart technology to meet our clients’ lifestyles and demands. Small or big projects, our goal is to ensure you have a high-performing automation solution that’s intuitively personalised to your family’s requirements.

While many clients have entrusted their home automation projects to us over the years, one of the most popular questions we get will always be “is home automation worth it?” Based on the majority of our clients’ feedback, the answer is a resounding “YES!” but there’s no ‘one size fits all’ rule.

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of a smart home

Biasness aside, the benefits of a properly set up smart home far outweigh any perceived disadvantages. It’s important that you make the right choice for you and know what’s involved when investing in home automation solutions for your property.

Advantages of home automation

· Saves time and energy by making your everyday routines easier

· Allows you to manage all your smart devices centrally for maximum convenience

· Creates a more enjoyable, liveable space with technology that’s adapted to your lifestyle

· Can be perfectly customised and updated according to your requirements

· Turn appliances/functions on and off remotely, while you’re on the go

· Maximises your home and family’s security for peace of mind

· Receive instant notifications and trigger alerts if something unexpected happens

· Reduces your energy bills and increases cost savings in the long run

· Can increase your property’s resale value

· Enhances family time and guest entertainment

Disadvantages of home automation

· Can be costly if you opt for whole-home solution instead of starting small

· May take time to get used to if you’re a slow adopter of technology

· Reliant on stable internet connection

· May require upgrades, maintenance and repairs as your needs change

Due to their popularity, many homeowners may already be using smart home gadgets without consciously making the ‘active decision’ to automate their home. Ultimately, the choice is yours - reflect on your goals, budget and living situation to gain clarity on your needs.

Experience the magic of Control4 home automation for yourself

If you would like to see what all the smart home hype is about, we’d love to welcome you to our Control4 certified showroom. Beautiful and fully integrated with the latest Control4 home automation technology, you’ll be able to experience everything that’s on offer.

From 3rd of August until 30th of September, we will be hosting #C4Yourself month at our showroom, with exclusive bonuses on offer. Learn more about #C4Yourself here.

Our friendly team will be there to walk you through, discuss ideas and answer any questions you may have. We are offering virtual tour/meetings throughout the lockdown so make sure you book a demo today or give us a ring on 03 9071 2400.

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