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How to tell if a Smart Home is right for you?

Almost everything in our lives from our mobile phones to our vehicles are jam-packed with technological advancements that surpass the intricacy that scientists used to land man on the moon. We can’t even imagine a phone without a touch screen, a car without Bluetooth or even a microwave without multiple settings. Yet, when it comes to our homes, many are content with the basics.

The homes of the future that were idealised in retro television shows are now available and it isn't as science fiction as we were led to believe.

At Nisi Group, we take technology and inculcate it into homes seamlessly, so you can have luxury and automation like never before.

How can you tell if this is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the functions your smart home could have and whether it would make a difference in your life.

Smart Home Automations 101

1. Automatic Blinds

This first point is a true luxury. We have all seen it in movies where a glamorous actor or actress awakens and the blinds gracefully open to reveal the beautiful morning sun. This can be your reality as well, by having automatic blinds set to open or close based on temperature or brightness. It can be a great way to establish long-lasting early morning routines.

2. Automatic Climate

Is there anything better than relaxing at home and the temperature is just perfect? Here in Australia we can have some extremely cold days and of course the classic hot summers. Imagine no matter the time, your home was as the perfect temperature. An automatic climate system can also help save on energy costs, especially when combined with automatic blinds because rather than blasting the AC or heater it cleverly monitors and adjusts the temperature of your home.

3. Security

Your home is your castle. As we slowly embrace leaving our homes again and getting back to travelling, it can be daunting having our homes unattended.

With a smart security system, you’ll have peace of mind while away with motion detection and cameras so intruders or friendly delivery men can be witnessed.

4. Networking

With more of us at home than ever, we have quickly come to understand the importance of reliable and fast network connections. Whether for work or for leisure, having emails lag, or tv shows buffer is a real inconvenience. A smart home with a Control4 Pakedge network solution allows you to tackle the demands of streaming and downloading with ease. Unbuffer your life.

Are you convinced that a smart home is what is missing from your life? Well reach out to our reliable staff at Nisi Group and we can help you get the most of your home. We customise systems and can scale designs for single rooms or entire homes - so you know you are getting exactly what is best for you.

To experience the luxury and convenience of a Control4 smart home, visit our showroom or give us a call on 03 9071 2400 today!

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