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What is Control4 compatible with?

Having a smart home system that can be integrated seamlessly into your home is essential. There is no point in investing in a system that doesn’t work with Devices or requires additional programming in order to work. When we set up a smart home we ensure that all the equipment you need and will use work perfectly together.

Let’s take a look at some of the compatible systems that work with Control4.


For security Inner Range is a fantastic system for access control and intruder alarms. They offer systems in 25 different countries and specialise in keeping homes safe. Lighting Instead of installing CBUS on a brand new project and creating a need to add a communication link with Control4, we recommend using Control4 lighting solutions. Available in centralized for a new build and Distributed for a retrofit. Using this control4 solution makes for a seamless result whether you want to turn your lights on or off, dim them or change the colour having just any standard lighting will limit what you can do.Control4 also integrates with KNX.


TV is an important aspect to a smart home. You want to have media and streaming work effortlessly and without fail. There is nothing worse than when you want to have a movie night and you have to hook up a thousand cables with just as many remotes just to get a movie playing. We recommend integration with Sony. We supply televisions with upgraded firmware designed for Control4 automation. All TVs supplied by NISI come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Once it’s installed with Control4 automated lighting, shades and audio, you’ll never want to go back! Hence why Control4 Systems integrate perfectly with Sony TVs specifically.


Now if you have that movie playing or you want to listen to some music throughout your home, audio is just as important. Anthem audio equipment works fantastically with Control4 technology, so you can isolate individual rooms for music or spread the beat throughout the whole house. It will work seamlessly and sound amazing! Other brands we often use are Yamaha and Integra

Smart Homes

The wonderful thing about Control4 is that it doesn’t matter if you have an Amazon Alexa or if you have a Google Home - both work with the smart system. This means you can have the smart devices of your choice integrated directly into your smart home, elevating your experience to new heights.

Whatever level of smart home you are after we at NISI group have you covered. We offer the best systems available including the advanced Control4 systems. For more information about how to get your home updated contact us at 03 9071 2400 or book an appointment at our Melbourne showroom

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