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What does Control4 do?

Control4 is the “Big Friendly Giant” of home automation for smart homes. From exceptional security functions to taking care of each family member’s needs, it’s the solution that has won the hearts of thousands of people worldwide.

If you wonder what the Control4 can actually do for you, here are four ways this system takes your home to another level.

Control4 gives you tailored smart home functions and design

Our team at NISI Group believes that each homeowner should have their unique smart home with their specific needs being met. Some people love the climate control functions because the environment matters a lot to them, while others want cool lighting effects or top-notch security.

Whatever your goal is, our customized approach gives you the smart home that you love and need. Whether you are a family of four that loves game nights or a young couple that wants to invite more luxury and romance to your home, the Control4 makes it happen.

The right light for every room without energy waste

The Control4 system makes sure that you get the light you need in the morning, afternoon, and evening while saving energy. It’s a win for the climate and a win for you. Besides, why get up every time you want to change the light when you can just press a button?

Or how about when you are already tucked in and forgot to turn off the light in the living room? Easy, convenient and energy-efficient - that is what Control4 does well. So have your cool lights in the theatre,- or family room, or dim the lights in the bedroom or when you’re taking a bath.

Multi-Room Audio with the best sound for your ears

Have a more pleasant experience while you are spending time with your favourite people, relaxing on your own, watching a movie or before going to bed in the evening. Most importantly, wake up to just the perfect sound coming from your speakers to start your day right. Because you know what they say: “The first 20 minutes of your day set the tone for the rest of your day”:

No matter if you are listening to relaxing morning sounds or waking up dancing salsa while making breakfast, the Control4 gives you the ultimate sound. With a system that lets you connect music to your speakers in each room, you can dance your way through the entire home. Make your time at home more fun!

NISI Group and Control4 have been best friends for a long time

NISI Group is proud to consist of a fun, passionate and professional team of certified designers and installers of the Control4 automation system. We have years of experience and an excellent reputation because we know what we are talking about. We also put our customers first and make sure to deliver exactly what we promise.

If you want to know more about the Control4 system and how we can help you, contact one of our friendly experts here. And if you want to take a live peek, visit us at our showroom in Melbourne!

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