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Smart Home Automation Design Ideas

If you are designing a new home, remodel or perhaps just an extension, it is a perfect time to consider smart home automation ideas to incorporate into the design.

Smart home automation can be implemented into an existing home, but the process is streamlined and far more convenient when integrated as a part of a new home design.

When considering a smart home you can tailor the features to suit your needs. This means you can opt for a comprehensive smart home or just a selection of features.

Here are some of the Control4 Smart home solutions you can implement in your home designs.

Smart Lighting

You can seamlessly control your homes lighting with a single touch or even design the system in a way where it interacts without any switches or buttons. To get the most out of a smart lighting system it is best to plan it in the design stage. It means fixtures and mounts can be placed in correct locations from the outset, rather than having to install new ones later.

Smart lighting is also an energy efficient and elegant addition to the home.

Multi-Room Audio

Another fantastic addition to home plans is multi-room audio systems. Planning the speakers and system for your home during the planning stage, makes it simple to get your favourite songs playing throughout your home. Whether you choose to control via a tablet or by voice control you can easily incorporate entire home audio into your floor plan.

Dream Home Theatre

When designing your new home or adding an extension, one of the must-have design features is the ultimate home theatre. With surround sound and 4K video, this room in the house will quickly become the favourite room. It is much easier planning a room like a home theatre before the development stage to ensure it is exactly what you are after and so the layout and function is optimal.


No home plan is complete without proper security. Planning where you’ll put CCTV cameras and access points is crucial to maximise your security efforts. You can ensure that when your home is complete all points of security are finalised and you can monitor directly from your phone.

Keep track of what happens both inside and outside your home and through your phone you can not only monitor but even interact and or grant access.

Your home is your castle, so while in the design stage and before you break ground consider including a smart home design up front. It can save you money in the long run, increase the property value and provide you with a secure, convenient and functional home of your dreams with little fuss.

For more information about getting your ideal smart home included in your building plans, then contact us today at 03 9071 2400.

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