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Should I DIY my smart home?

DIYing your homes automation systems may seem like something you would want to take upon yourself, but in reality it is not a project to be undertaken by non-professionals. Converting your home into a smart home is not like changing a light bulb or putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. There are numerous moving pieces that must seamlessly fit together for you to realise the maximum benefits of a smart home and this can only be achieved by professional installers.

In this article we have broken down some of the reasons why you should NOT DIY your own smart home system.

1) Cost

Often people will undertake DIY projects in order to save money and labour costs. A smart home however is not something where shortcuts will save money. Taking shortcuts and DIYing a smart home process can lead to faulty work, which in the long run costs way more to fix.

Also, a smart home system can be expensive in and of itself, so trying to save money in the installation is a bad idea as if damage or incorrect installation is conducted then you may void warranties or require a whole new system, and that is a huge pain.

If you are planning on spending the money on automating your home, then getting it professionally planned and installed is the best way to ensure costs remain as low as possible and quality remains high.

2) Time

All DIY projects require time, and most of them require more time than the money they may save us. Installing a smart home is no different. It takes time to plan, research and install a smart home, but if you are an amateur in the field, then it takes SO MUCH longer.

As professionals we have systems and processes in place to provide full-automated smart home systems to clients in the most convenient amount of time. We work hard and fast without compromising on quality. But if you opt to do things yourself, then you run the risk of taking more time needed, having to re-do faulty work, and potentially doing it wrong and having to get it done all-over again. Plus you need to find the time after or before work, and on weekends to complete the project.

All your time can be saved by utilising professionals like us, to help strategise, plan and install a tailor-made system for you and your home.

3) Knowledge

As mentioned there are a lot of moving parts to a smart home, and the average person doesn’t know all the ins and outs of systems extensively. If you opt for a DIY version of a smart home, your lack of knowledge can cause you to miss out on some potentially important or necessary details. You may spend all the time purchasing and installing, only to realise that your needs are not fully covered or you wasted time on a system that isn’t optimised for your home. To avoid this, have professionals work with you to assess your needs, provide solutions and then install without any hiccups.

With these points in mind, it should be a clear choice now as to why DIY smart home installation is not an ideal option when you could get professional and expert advice and installation from a qualified team.

For more information about our services and vision to deliver the most innovative and recognised smart home systems, contact us today at 03 9071 2400!

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