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Nisi Group is ready to welcome you to our showroom!

The time has come! We are welcoming people back to our fully integrated showroom, so you can directly experience what a Control4 smart home has to offer.

Come and see for yourself the amazing features that a smart home can provide you. Once you experience our showroom, you’ll be eager to upgrade your home with the various features.

Here are some of the features you can expect from a Control4 Smart Home.

Fully Integrated Security

You no longer need old-fashioned lock and keys. With a complete security system, you can have easy access control with all the monitoring ability. It can be a pin, swipe card, key fob or even a fingerprint system. It makes it easy to gain or restrict access and keep track of all the various entries.

With intercom systems as well, you can be sure your packages and mail always make it to your door, and you can even unlock the door so they can leave the parcel inside. You don’t need to get up form the couch to check who has arrived and let them in. A smart security system is a must have in this modern age.

Part of a complete security system is having CCTV camera installation. You can monitor the outside and inside of your home from your phone or tablet wherever you are. Whether you want to check in on your pets, babysitter or just your empty home, with a few taps you can monitor, observe and if needed, act.

It is the smartest way to climates your house, as you can set it while on your way home from a day out, so the house is ready and at the right temperature when you are home. It is also a greener option than having your climate systems running all the time or at times when they are not really needed.

Multi-Room Audio

With the tap of a button, you can have your favourite music streaming throughout your entire home, or just in targeted rooms. It is an immersive experience that makes it easier than constantly having to connect to Bluetooth devices and move the speaker around the house.

High quality speakers integrated throughout your home and a smart system that can recognise voice commands take your music entertainment to the next level.

Home Theatre

Grab the popcorn and snacks and recline in the comfort of your own home with a dedicated home theatre room. Your home viewing will make it easy to impress others and truly enjoy media in a whole new way.

We work with you to design an immersive home theatre system that has excellent sound and 4k video quality - you’ll feel like you are at the cinemas without having to get in your car or buy expensive snacks.

Whether you want to watch the latest blockbuster hit, a classic Netflix movie or relive old home videos a smart home theatre will bring a smile to everyone.

Climate Control

Another feature you can expect from a smart home is complete climate control. Gone are the days where you are uncomfortable in your own home due to inclement weather or scorching heat waves. Control the temperature of the house or individual rooms with ease.

Network Control

Wherever you are in the home, you know you can be connected to fast, high-quality internet. It means you can stream anywhere, including outside.

This is an essential feature, especially for those who work from home or perhaps the kids schooling is online. Whatever the use is, you can trust that you’ll stay connected no matter what part of the home you are in.

These are just a few of the features you can expect when you visit our showroom. Come and see for yourself how your home and life can be improved with a Control4 system.

For more information and to see all the hype yourself, contact our friendly staff at 03 9071 2400 or make an appointment online.

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