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Make your home even more fun with Control4 Room Announcements

We have all heard of the smart home experience, but what about the fun home experience?

Control4 smart home systems can help you manage your lighting, security, climate and network. But did you know that multi-room audio is also a major feature of Control4 and perhaps it is one of the most fun. Multi-room audio allows you to blast music throughout your home essentially having a house-wide dance part whenever you want. But our technicians have been working with clients to program voice announcements taking this Control4 feature to a whole new level.

Some of the retrofits we have done for clients, and that are possible for you too are:

Personalised Announcements

As each family member arrives home and inputs their code to enter, a personalised message or announcement can sound from the audio system. Examples include; “the boss is home” or “the troublemaker is back”.

Guest Announcements

Personalised announcements/ songs can play for any family member/ friend with a code.

Systems can be set so that personalised announcements, songs or sounds can be played for family members or friends with a code. This is a fun way to engage with family and friends.


How annoying is it when we forget bin night or in night. Well no more. You can have reminders such as “ it’s time to put the green bin out” and you can even have it say whomever is assigned to put them out that week. Events can also be programmed like “Happy Birthday” or “Happy New year!”

Good morning

Even if no one in the home is a morning person, your home itself can be, greeting a good morning to the first person up to push the button. They can even be reminded to turn on the coffee maker or get the orange juice ready. It is a neat way in engaging with the house around you and feeling extra special in the morning.

Dinner Time

It can be hassle to get everyone assembled for dinner. Gone are the days of shouting down the hall only to have to shout several more times. An announcement calling the kids down for dinner can be set and in order to fast track their attendance a reminder that they have 1 min before the wifi is turned off can be set too.

Good Night

After a long day it can be easy to forget to close a window or door before bed, so as well as shutting down the house and setting the alarm, an announcement can tell you if a door or window has been left ajar (and also who has to get out of bed to close it!)

Home audio announcements are a fun and easy way in personalising your home experience and boosting the efficiency. Your smart home will feel even smarter and it will help the system seamlessly become a part of you and your families lives.

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