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How to Build a Smart Home System

Set the foundations right with a high-performing home networking solution

In today’s booming age of technology, every home has a multitude of connected devices and streaming services requiring bandwidth from your home network. From controlling your smart lighting to Netflix marathons, a robust home network is critical for meeting your everyday demands.

Whether you have a basic or comprehensive home automation system, your network matters and is the backbone to its wireless performance. At Nisi Group, we work with Control4’s Pakedge and Araknis networking solutions for the highest quality results. Specifically designed to work with your Control4 home automation setup, Pakedge networking ensures that every online device works – at all times. Browse the internet while streaming your favourite Spotify playlist and checking your security cameras, without interruption.

As you upgrade your gear and subscribe to more services, your specialised home network will scale and evolve with your connected lifestyle requirements. You’ll get the most out of your home automation with high speeds, elevated traffic flow and products purposefully designed to minimise any annoying lag, jitter and buffering.

Installing a bad quality network to run an elegant solution is like not putting engine oil in your Ferrari and expecting it to be fine.” – Damian Nisi

Your smart home automation setup can only be as good as the networking solution you’re connected to – make sure you build a strong foundation from the get-go.

Why do we recommend a Control4 home automation package over mixing and matching brands?

Control4 has long been recognised as one of the world’s most prominent home automation solutions, with systems to enhance your entire home. They have products to control almost everything in your home, tailored to your and your family’s preferences.

Covering your entire property, inside and out, some of their most popular home automation products include:

· Smart lighting

· Home security

· Security intercom

· Home theatre and entertainment

· Multi-room audio

· Smart climate control

Intelligent, intuitive and convenient, you can control every single feature with a voice command or touch of a button. Rather than jumping from one app to another, your Control4 app manages and controls every device together (compatible with both iOS and Android devices).

Get the most out of your home automation experience

Similar to how an Apple user would opt for Apple-only devices (as opposed to trying to mix and match an iPhone, Microsoft Surface laptop, Samsung tablet, Google Hub and so on) for a smooth user experience, there’re plenty of other benefits as to why you should invest in a Control4 package.

The benefits include:

  • Delivers a flawless user experience

  • A great starting point – it’s easy to start small and expand as you go, knowing that everything is built to work seamlessly together

  • Software and/or firmware updates won’t stop devices from working harmoniously

  • Functionality and interfaces can be personalised to each family member and room

  • No need to learn and navigate different platforms

  • Consistent customer service and support

  • Peace of mind that your professional Control4 installer is certified

It’s all about making your life as easy and low-maintenance as possible. As Melbourne’s leading electrical contracting group, we’re also your certified Control4 dealership. This means we have the technological expertise to design and install the home automation system of your dreams – no jargon, just simple solutions.

Ready to experience all that Control4 has to offer? Give us a call on 03 9071 2400 to learn more or visit our showroom today.

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