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How to add value to your home with smart home automation

Home automation is meant to add value to your home by making your life easier and more comfortable. It’s our mission at Nisi Group to help you add as much of that value as possible.

So here are a few ways home automation adds value to your home.

Increase the quality of your life

One of the main positive effects of having home automation is that it increases your quality of life. Home theatre and multimedia rooms bring families and friends together. They help you increase the quality of your life inside your home together with the people who matter to you. You sing together, dance together, play games together and enjoy the one thing that is essential to all of our well-being - meaningful time with other people.

So when it’s too cold outside, you simply bring warmth into your home with love and laughter.

Save time you didn't know you were wasting

This is one of the greatest values that our home automation system adds to your home. Saving time in today’s busy world is something everyone seems to be looking for. Our team at Nisi Group has high expertise in home automation installations and helps each individual get the most benefit out of the system.

We believe that technology is here to help us create more time for the important and fun stuff.

By being one of the smartest systems on the market, you have everything you need in one place. Wi-fi, lighting, music, security, heat and entertainment - it’s all there for you to program or control with your fingertips. Most of us don’t think about how much time it takes out of our day to do the small things, such as turning on the lights and getting up to lock the door, etc.

But we at Nisi Group understand the amount of time you can save.

Make your home more secure with home automation

When you have worked hard to create a beautiful home for yourself and perhaps for your family, you want to feel safe. Security is therefore one of our greatest features and we’ve worked hard on bringing you the most secure home automation system.

Being able to leave your home and realizing that you forgot to lock the door halfway to work can cause anyone to slightly panic. This is why our Control4 system’s security feature with easy access on your phone or tablet is so useful. You can program your system to lock the doors automatically or do it manually once you realize you forgot to lock the door.

No more panic here!

If you want to know how to add even more value to your home, contact us for more information or come visit us for a free live home automation demo in Melbourne.

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