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How Does Smart Home Automation Work?

Let’s talk about what smart home automation is

As our lives get busier, smart home automation is becoming more accessible for us everyday folk. No longer limited to commercial buildings or Hollywoodesque mansions, just about everyone has a smart device or two. Whether that’s a voice assistant that you can boss around or a smart video doorbell that lets you talk to your visitors when you’re preoccupied in the bathroom, smart living offers simplicity and convenience.

With smart home automation, you can tell your smart home devices and sensors what to do and when to do it – automatically and remotely. Through a central hub or system, such as Control4, you can pre-program and connect your entire home’s eco system. Rather than hopping from app to app, or across various interfaces, the everyday functions work harmoniously together with minimum manual effort required.

So, how do home automation systems work?

While home automation can be isolated for various programmable devices such as window blinds, heating and cooling, and sprinkler systems, it usually describes environments with whole-home control. All of the separate smart components like lighting, climate control, entertainment, security and networking, are seamlessly integrated into a single remotely controllable setup.

Once you’ve programmed and scheduled specific events to happen, your home’s device network will automatically respond to your everyday behaviours, learning as it goes. This can include both time-related commands and non-scheduled events that are linked. A time-related command could be automated switching off lights throughout your home when it hits 9pm and you’re ready for bed. On the other hand, a non-scheduled event may be automating all the lights to turn on when you open your garage door, after a day at work.

Through a single control unit via your internet or home network, you’ll have access to all the automated luxuries you could dream of. Rather than having a home filled with smart appliances that require various apps to operate, an experienced professional can have your entire system communicating as a whole.

Examples of home automation tricks

With home automation, a system like Control4 is brilliant enough to lock the doors, ramp up the temperature and start a movie – all at once.

Let’s help you picture it with a few everyday examples:

· Entertainment - Automatic dimming of your theatre room lights to set the perfect scene when you start playing a movie

· Security – Locking your door automatically as you leave or specifying exact windows of time where someone can access certain areas of your home

· Climate control – Automated heating and cooling that responds to your home’s internal temperature, perfect if you have pets who stay indoors while you’re out

· Lighting – Having the bedroom lights turn on in the morning at a set time, or your entire home’s lighting switch off as you leave

· Multi-room audio – Stream your favourite tunes in the kitchen while you cook dinner or throughout the house when you’re having a party

· Safety – Receive an alert if a water leak, smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, while you’re on the go

Your home can be as intelligent and advanced as you want it to be. Personalised to your liking and lifestyle, all it takes is a simple tap or command.

Let’s simplify your life and home

At Nisi Group, we’re proud to be certified designers and installers of the world-class Control4 home automation system. With our years of experience and technological know-how, our friendly team takes the jargon and hassle out of your automation experience.

Helping you get the most value out of your home automation system, we’ll chat with you to understand what your ultimate goals and requirements are. Based on that, we’ll tailor a solution to your exact needs. From full design to customisation, installation and comprehensive aftercare, we won’t leave until you’re confident with operating your new setup. After which, we’ll always be here to answer all your questions and troubleshoot any potential issues.

Ready to experience the magic of smart home automation? Visit our Control4 showroom or contact us by calling 03 9071 2400 today!

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