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Getting the most of Control4 OS3

If you have a smart home system, then you understand that you can expect a lot from it. It has various features that you’ll use, some more than others. But how do you get the most out of a Control4 System? Are there settings and functions that you are missing out on?

In this article we will discuss how you can get the most out of Control4 OS3.

What is Control4 OS3?

Control4 OS3 is a software update to the smart home system that has over 1000 changes to the system. This shouldn’t overwhelm you however as the system is still incredible intuitive and easy to use and the changes are designed to only enhance the experience and functionality.

What can Control4 OS3 Do?

The devices you use to control your home can be personalised with various images and photos so that each controller can have their own look and feel to the dashboard. You can even change designs and themes based on the season or current holiday. This can excite children and also help create a homely atmosphere.

You can control each room specifically and can even favourite rooms so you have quick access to the most used areas. This can be essential for checking security or if you a big media consumer.

It is not just limited to favouriting rooms, but you can also favourite applications and functions. You can have shortcuts to Netflix in your living room or your music app for your kitchen, so that with just one tap of a button you can have control of these actions. This creates a seamless convenience throughout your home that once implemented will be forever loved.

While music and media are playing the device allows you to control more specifically the functions. For example, you can isolate rooms where the audio is heard, and adjust volumes with ease. You also get detailed information about what is playing and the quality of the stream.

The update also has larger text and buttons so you can quickly and more easily read and see what you are doing on the device.

There are a host of new features and filters so you can quickly see and interact with just the lights that are on, doors that are unlocked and blinds that are open. This is great for saving energy and quickly being able to get the house in order.

Control4 OS3 makes it even easier than before

OS3 has been optimised for every device from mobile, tablet to remote control so no matter what device you use, you have the most updated and seamless control. For mobile OS3 has been optioned for the smaller screens and gestures elevating the efficiency and user experience even more.

Filled with innovations that take your smart home to the next level, you don’t want to miss out on this system or upgrade. To learn more about getting the most out of your Control4 Smart home system contact our experts at 03 9071 2400 or book an appointment today!

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