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Fun Indoor-Friendly Activities to Do in Your Smart Home

Why leave the comfort of your house when you’ve got a smart home?

As the days get longer and the nights colder, many of us prefer to relax in the comfort and warmth of our homes. From ordering your family’s favourite UberEATS meal to organising movie nights, it’s also a great way to enjoy company while saving a bit of money. After all, you have the summer holiday to look forward to!

Having a smart, automated home isn’t just great for your everyday routines, it also enhances your home’s liveability and enjoyment levels. There’s only so many rounds of Monopoly or Uno that you can play before the kids start getting restless (or the table gets flipped over during a losing streak). So, we’ve pulled together our team’s best smart home indoor activities for you and your family to try!

3 smart home activity ideas for you and your family

Turn movie nights into a full-scale, cinematic experience

With Control4 smart home theatre, you can create the perfect ambience for cine-magic, just like the movie theatres! With surround sound, theatre-grade Dolby Atmos speakers, you’ll get sucked into the action from all directions, making your experience even more realistic. The Control4 remote offers simplified, one-touch control over all your linked appliances – you can drop the screen, activate the projector, queue the sound, and dim the lights with just one tap of the “Movie” button.

Your smart home theatre isn’t limited to the latest blockbusters or your Netflix binging sessions either. You can have a family gaming night by playing multi-player games on PlayStation, Xbox or your preferred gaming console. Nothing beats some light-hearted, healthy competition!

Use smart lighting for a sped up round of ‘hide and seek’

We all know the rules of ‘hide and seek’. The seeker counts down while the rest run and hide. Rather than the traditional ‘1, 2, 3…’, why not incorporate your smart lighting into the game for some adrenaline-pumping fun?

Switching off all the lights, the hiders will race against time and light to find their hiding spot. Instead of counting down, the seeker can abruptly turn the smart lighting on via voice command, leaving exposed hiders scrambling without prior warning.

Host a dance party with smart multi-room audio

Forget dragging out your dusty, old beatbox. With Control4’s smart multi-room audio, you can stream our family’s favourite playlist on full blast through the entire house or just in one room. Without lifting a finger, you can simply tell Alexa what you want to hear and where, filling your home with high quality sound.

Pull out your festive decorations, throw on your best party gear, choose your smart lighting colour schemes and organise your very own disco party. Who knows, your neighbours might want to join in on the fun too!

Create the perfect smart home for family fun and relaxation

Aside from convenience and security, you can make your home an intelligent one that caters to your family’s entertainment needs. At Nisi Group, we factor in all your general and unique requirements before recommending the best smart home set up – there’s no limits besides your imagination!

If you’d like to experience the magic of Control4 home automation, we’d love to walk you through our certified Control4 showroom where everything is fully integrated. Otherwise, you’re welcome to give our friendly team a call on 03 90771 2400 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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