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A Smart Home will help organise your life

We are spending more time at home than ever. Our lives have shifted dramatically and now our home is no longer just a place where we sleep and eat. It is more important now than before to eliminate chaos from our lives. Finding ways to remain organised and productive is crucial.

A smart home is the perfect solution to transforming your life into the organised powerhouse you’ve been trying to achieve. No matter what your budget is, our systems are customisable and scalable - so organisation is achievable for the whole house or just specific sections.

A Control4 Home automation setup is hassle free and will give you the peace of mind knowing you are on top of your life.

Advanced System = Simplified Life

Here at the Nisi Group, we recognise that a smart home system has a lot of intricacies, but we work with you to make it easy to understand and a great experience.

We put the effort into creating an intelligent system so you can get the most of your everyday. We discuss your needs and desires so that your smart home works for you. With every step of the way from start, finish and beyond we take the advanced and make it simple.

Your home can be elevated to the next level and become a bastion of organisation with a well designed and installed Control4 setup.

You’ll quickly see how the features described would make a massive, positive impact in your life

1. Lighting

Let’s face it, how many times have we jumped into bed after a long day only to realise that the lights are still on in another room. All this extra time at home is already having a negative affect on our energy bills, so we don’t want to add any more to it.

A Control4 system takes your traditional on/off switches and gives you a convenient automated lighting experience. You can of course adjust to your specifications.

One of the main elements to an organised life is routine and having home lighting that dims and brightens automatically is your homes way of helping you create and maintain positive routines.

2. Climate

Temperature is a major factor in whether we are comfortable or not and in Australia we are fortunate enough to experience the extremes in heat and cold. We can spend a lot of time fussing and adjusting because the temperature is not right. When we arrive home and have to spend time cooling off or heating up before we can proceed with tasks, it can waste considerable time. Also, adverse climate temperature can zap motivation.

Having your home automatically climate adjust based on the temperature outside, or being able to heat the house on your way home from your phone is next level organisation.

3. Networking

One of the main ways we all stay organised now is by staying connected. With a house full of devices from phones, computers to TVs we have never relied on having a reliable network like now. Having a smart home network that can prioritise your network traffic and seamlessly allow you to send important emails while having movies streamed on the TV is invaluable. Don’t waste any more time with slow connections or troubleshooting.

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