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Transform Your Home with Control4 Smart Lighting

Light up your everyday with Control4 smart lighting solutions

From waking up in the morning to coming home from work and nightly routines, lighting is essential to how we function and carry out our everyday activities.

With Control4 smart lighting integrated into your home automation setup, the possibilities have never been brighter. Enhancing your home with personalised convenience and intuitive responsiveness, you can brighten or dim lights in a single room or across the entire house – with a single touch or no touch at all.

Set the perfect aesthetic every time

Not just a utility, lighting plays a huge role in creating the picture-perfect ambiance for different situations. Whether you’re sitting down to enjoy the latest blockbuster, entertaining guests or prepping for the upcoming holiday season, your Control4 smart lighting can help you set the scene.

From mood lighting for date nights to immersive cinematic magic in your home theatre, Control4 smart lighting is so much more than a switch or a bulb. It’s refined aesthetics and luxurious simplicity.

Flexible configurations to suit your budget

Control4’s smart lighting solutions are designed to meet your budget and lifestyle needs. You can go big and install smart lighting throughout your entire home or you can start small across a few select spaces.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate Control4 smart lighting into your established property, while building or renovating, you can always add more as you go along.

Hands-free lighting for convenience

When your hands are full with groceries or someone’s knocked on the door unexpectedly in the dead of night, toggling the on/off switch can be a bother. Your Control4 smart lighting can be set up to automatically respond to your known behaviours or activated by your voice.

Motion sensors can be set up along your hallway or outside your house, providing added security and comfort for your peace of mind. You can also weave actions into your daily routines, such as having the lights automatically turn on when you’re driving into your garage or turning on the lights when your morning alarm goes off.

Extra security while you’re away

With Control4’s Mockupancy™ setting, you can automate your lights and blinds to turn on and off at random intervals to simulate occupancy inside of your home, while you’re on a weekend getaway or overseas holiday.

The best extension to any smart security system, Control4 can also trigger your interior and exterior lights to flash repeatedly if an alarm is set off – alerting your neighbours or local authorities of unusual activity, protecting your home and precious belongings.

One-button control for maximised energy efficiency

Control4 smart lighting offers more than just modern luxury for your family. It can also help you maximise your energy efficiency and cut back on energy bills in the long run.

Through a one-button control console, you can turn the lights on or off in multiple rooms or your entire house. Whether you’re leaving for work or turning in for the night, you won’t have to wander from room to room to switch off all the lights. Plus, if you’re already on the go and have just realised that you’ve left the lights on, you can simply switch them off via your smartphone.

Control4 smart lighting comes with flawless finishes and installations for every home

Replacing traditional light switches, you can choose from an array of Control4 keypads to suit your home. With contemporary interfaces and flexible button configurations, there are stunning colours and finishes to complement your home’s décor.

Tailored to your lifestyle requirements and preferences, the expert team at Nisi Group will help you get the most value out of your smart lighting and home automation system. Our years of experience and comprehensive technological know-how, we’ll support you from full design to customisation, installation and aftercare – not a stone is left unturned and we won’t leave until you’re 100% confident with operating your new Control4 home automation setup.

Ready to experience the beauty of Control4 smart home automation? Visit our Control4 showroom or contact us by calling 03 9071 2400 today!

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