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How to keep your smart home secure when on holidays

Nobody wants to leave for vacation and worry about somebody breaking in. With exceptional cameras, one of the best alarm systems on the market and movement tracking, you can enjoy your holidays so much better. If something suspicious happens on your property, you know it right away. Long gone are the days with warning signs of dogs watching the house. Although we love our furry friends, there is only so much that they can do.

We don’t make the promise that your home won’t be broken into, but we will say that it is highly unlikely with our security products. It is all about decreasing the risks as much as possible. This is exactly what you can expect from us at the NISI Group with our security systems.

Control4 takes the “smart” in smart home to another level

You want cameras that are of high quality and can record what’s happening both during the day and the night. The images and videos recorded on the camera should also be clear and capture details. And where your cameras can’t see, the smart sensors will track movement inside and outside of the house. Add an efficient alarm system to that, scaring intruders away, and you have secure-proofed your home.

Our security system takes it one step further by adding two additional smart functions. Firstly, we can programme your lights to flash or LED lights to turn red and blue in case of a break in. Secondly, a pre-programmed voice function announces when an intruder has been identified so that you don’t miss the alert.

To make it convenient, the Control4 lets you have an all-in-one security solution that does it all. Our LUMA surveillance system can be controlled and tailored specifically to your home and accessed with the help of your control. We don’t take any chances when it comes to home security which is why we only offer top products of the best quality.

Nisi Group security solutions leave room for human error

Most people love sharing their fun times on social media which comes with another set of risks. Many break-ins have happened because of the travellers posting about being away from home.

We recommend that you leave your social media posting until after the vacation.

But should any of your kids slip up and accidentally post (out of habit), you can at least rest assured that your home has the ultimate security. And if you forget to lock the door or want to give the impression of being home, by turning on the lights from afar, the system takes care of that too.

Learn more about the NISI Group’s approach to home security

If you want to know more about how the NISI Group works with home security, get in touch with one of our team members at 03 9071 2400. We are also happy to show you the exact details in person when you visit our showroom in Melbourne. We can’t wait to make your home secure so that you can enjoy your holidays in peace!

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