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Beat the cold with Smart Home automation

It’s getting cold in Melbourne which makes it the perfect time to prepare your home for the winter. With Smart Home automation, it’s easy to make your favourite place nice and warm.

Attend to everyone’s needs with Smart Home automation

Everyone wants a comfortable home but we often enjoy different temperatures. Some prefer it warmer and others want it slightly cooler. With Smart Home automation and our Control4 system, it’s easy to attend to the needs of each member of your household. You can conveniently program your Control4 control for a different temperature in each room.

If you, for example, want your bedroom to be cooler, it’s easily done. Research has shown that people sleep better when it’s cooler in the room. What’s more, a completely dark bedroom also helps you get better sleep. With the click of a button, you can bring the shades down, while staying comfortably in your bed. You can also program the shades to roll up before you wake up for an easier transition from your sleeping time. Since sleep is important to our overall health, having the right temperature is essential.

But maybe you want it to be warmer in the living room and in the hallway. After you’ve been out in the cold weather, you want to be met with warmth as soon as you step inside. With the Control4 climate control, it’s also easy to be environmentally conscious. Schedule for your heating system to be turned on at just the right time before you arrive home. You can alter the timing through the app on your phone.

Make the atmosphere feel cosier with additional tools

One of the best things about wintertime is the cosy atmosphere. When it’s dark and cold outside, lights around in the city and in homes bring a special feeling. People all over Melbourne prepare their homes to feel as cosy as possible.

With Smart Home automation, you get the perfect lighting in every room. Whether you want to enjoy your favourite book with a cup of tea, play in-door games with your family, or enjoy a romantic dinner, our smart systems help you create the perfect atmosphere.

At Nisi Group, we help you prepare properly for the cold winter with the many functions of the Control4. If you want to experience Smart Home automation for yourself, book an appointment to visit our showroom in Melbourne. You will be welcomed by our friendly professionals who will guide you through a control4 smart home demo.

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