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How Smart Home Automation Can Enhance Your Everyday Life

The beauty of modern technology and smart home system integrations

Today’s technology has made it possible to transform any home into a smart home setup. With connectivity via any smartphone, tablet or computer device, you can enhance the functionality, convenience and comfort of your home with just a few taps or with a single voice command.

From dimming the lights to playing music throughout the house or turning on your security system as you leave, you can control 10,000 household devices with just one, intuitive smart home automation system.

How does smart home automation work?

Smart home automation can be defined as an intricate network of hardware, communication and electronic interfaces that can be seamlessly integrated with everyday devices via an internet connection.

Either hardwired or connected via your home’s existing Wi-Fi network, you can singlehandedly manage one or multiple devices in any room or through the whole house, no matter where you are. You can program time-related commands, such as controlling the lights to turn on at and off at a set time every day, as well as setting up non-scheduled events such as starting the heating or cooling system as you’re on your way home from work.

Depending on your specific lifestyle requirements and preferences, a smart home system can be tailored to meet your exact demands and configured to streamline your everyday routines.

Aside from the obvious advantages of being able to automate smart actions, a smart home also has the added benefit of energy savings. With programmable functions such as lighting and temperature control, you can schedule specific events to help you manage the energy efficiency of your home.

This in turn directly translates to cost savings on your energy bills, as well as being friendlier to the environment. Left for the day or gone on holiday and just realised you forgot to switch off the lights? You can control and turn them off remotely with an integrated smart home system.

Ready to enjoy the ultimate smart home experience?

Nisi Group can design and install a fully-integrated smart home automation system, personalised to meet your exact requirements. We’re a certified dealer of Control4 smart home systems, an unrivalled, whole-house home automation set up. Highly responsive and delivering impeccable performance, this is the ideal solution for any customer that wants nothing for the best for their home.

With a Control4 smart home system, you can enjoy automation for every room in the house. To give you an idea, here’re just some of the things that Control4 can do for you and your family:

  • Dim, turn on and/or switch off the lights

  • Play music and entertainment

  • Turn up or down the heating/cooling system

  • Set up an in-home theatre experience

  • Protect your family with integrated smart security

  • High-performance home networking

  • And much more

To learn more about Nisi Group’s smart home systems and how we can install the solution of your dreams, please contact us by calling 03 9071 2400 today.

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