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Control4 Binary Media Over IP (MOIP)

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Discover a completely scalable solution for your media distribution

The future of AV distribution, Binary Media Over IP (MOIP) is a versatile, scalable solution to connect your media content to any number of displays. With remote capabilities, an MOIP system is simple to set up, configure and control to suit your requirements. Eliminating the complexities of IP based AV distribution systems, the modern Binary system skips the hassle by streamlining your networking setup and hardware requirements.

A future-ready platform that makes device discovery and maintenance much easier, MOIP can be used across both residential and commercial applications. Allowing you to enjoy multiple audio and video sources throughout your smart home, you can fit and scale your MOIP system based on your lifestyle needs without replacing the entire system.

How does Binary Media Over IP work?

The total AV package, Binary MOIP completely removes legacy EMI and HDCP/EDID interference. At the highest quality possible, for example 4K HDR, each source is encoded and visually lossless. From each display, the signal is then decoded from the network and scaled to the desired resolution. Enabling mixed 1080p/4K systems, your MOIP allows for built-in scaling and whole-house, multi-channel distribution.

Book a showroom appointment to see a demonstration of MOIP today

Nisi Group has upgraded our Control4 certified showroom from video distribution to a MOIP system. Available from 1 August onwards, please book an appointment to see a demonstration of MOIP today.

You’ll also be able to experience Control4’s other smart home automation functionalities including:

For more information on how you can integrate an MOIP system or to discover the beauty of Control4 smart home features, please contact us by calling 03 9071 2400.

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