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Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Advantages of Smart Home Automation

Experience the everyday benefits of smart technology

Widespread access to advancing technology is revolutionising the way we live with each passing day. Once viewed as a luxury but now deemed a necessity, the popularity of smart home automation is rising. From added security to on-the-go convenience, homeowners can now enjoy the benefits of smart technology at their fingertips.

A customised smart home system can be built from scratch for new homes and renovations or incorporated into an established household that is looking to streamline their everyday lifestyle.

Discover the 4 benefits of smart home automation

Whether you’re starting out small or looking for an entire home setup, such as Control4 automation, there’s no going back once you’ve experienced the level of newfound freedom and control that comes with it. So, if you’re wondering what the advantages of home automation are, keep reading.

1) Added security and surveillance for peace of mind

From advanced CCTV security camera systems to motion sensors, key card or fingerprint identification access, one of the many smart home technology benefits is the ability to install 24/7 surveillance, even when you aren’t there. Keeping you and your family safe, you can rest assured that your home is secured, and your privacy protected.

Your smart home security system can be set up to notify you of unusual activity in or around your property, and can act as a deterrent for potential intruders.

2) Energy efficiency and money savings

Another attraction for integrating a smart home system is the benefit of enhanced energy efficiency, which also results in potential savings across your energy bills. With smart lighting, you can remotely control the lights in a single room or your entire house. Already snuggled up in bed and forgot to turn off the living room lights? Stay right where you are and switch it off with a single touch.

Same goes for a smart home climate control setup that you can personalise to suit your needs. Driving home in the dead of winter? Get your home nice and toasty by ramping up the heat from your smartphone before you arrive.

3) Convenience and accessibility

One of the biggest benefits of smart home automation is the level of convenience and accessibility it offers. Through a smartphone or any smart technology-enabled device, you can remotely access and control all the linked systems throughout your home.

Whether it’s automating the cooling system during summer, voice-controlled audio and music or controlling the lights, a smart home automation system give you remote access with a touch of a button – anywhere, anytime.

4) Increases your property value

A smart home automation system offers an abundance of opportunities to raise your property’s resale and market value. Compared to a conventional home, it gives you the chance to attract potential buyers by showcasing the plethora of smart technology benefits that comes with buying your property.

While your smart home can help with cutting back on energy bills, it can also help to make you more money in the long run.

Nisi Group – Leading the way in Melbourne smart home automation

We’re a trusted Control4 automation dealer for homes right across Melbourne. Whether you’re interested in smart lighting, home security, climate control or otherwise, our team offers a huge range of smart home solutions to suit your needs.

Visit our Control4 showroom or contact us for more information today.

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