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What can a Control4 system do?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Discover How Control4 Works for Your Home

Create the smart home of your dreams with a customised Control4 home automation solution

As one of the few authorised Control4 dealers, Nisi Group delivers the ultimate smart home experience for properties right across Melbourne. With customised home automation packages to suit every household, our team is dedicated to increasing the functionality, convenience and comfort of your home.

What is Control4?

An internationally renowned provider, Control4 has been the prominent, tried and tested, fully integrated smart home controller since 2003. Akin to what the iPhone is to the smartphone industry, Control4 is the home automation solution you can trust.

Offering complete control throughout your home from just any smart device, Control4 delivers unrivalled smart automation for every room in your house.

What can Control4 do?

Whether you want to start from just one room or looking to invest in a whole-home automation solution, we can help you tailor the right Control4 system for your needs.

As to how Control4 works, here’re just a few of the smart home benefits you can look forward to.

Smart lighting

Brighten up your life with responsive Control4 smart lighting.

- Turn on, brighten, dim, or turn off any light in a single room or the entire house

- Schedule your lights to automatically turn on before you wake up

- Automate your smart lighting to turn off once everyone’s in bed

- Already on your way to work and realised you’ve accidentally left the kitchen lights on? No problems, remotely switch it off via your smartphone app

- Going on holiday? Program your Control4 lighting to automatically turn on at night for added security

Multi-room audio

Listen to your favourite tunes in any room or every room with Control4 multi-room audio.

- Stream your go-to playlist on full blast throughout the house as you go about your chores

- Turn it on in just the loungeroom when entertaining guests

- Use voice control and verbal commands to pump the beats

Home security

Keep your property secure 24/7 with a Control4 home security and access control system.

- Arm the security system remotely as you head out

- Expecting a delivery while you’re at work or out and about? Get phone notifications when your doorbell rings and interact if you choose to

- Unexpected guest while you’re in the bathroom? Remotely unlock your door to allow them in

- Tired of fumbling around with your house keys? Replace them with a key fob, pin, swipe card or fingerprint for easy access

Home theatre

Indulge in the ultimate cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home with a Control4 home theatre.

- Set the perfect scene every time, whether it’s by yourself or a night-in with your family and friends

- Elevate your experience with theatre-grade, surround sound speakers from Dolby Atmos

- One button to control your entire entertainment system, from dropping the screen to dimming the lights

Climate control

Control4 climate control allows you to automate the heating and cooling in your home without touching the thermostat.

- Set the thermostat to heat or cool the house before you wake up

- Driving home in the dead of winter? Ramp up the heating from your smartphone, in time for your arrival

- Keep your house comfortably cool during hot summer days with automatic temperature control – perfect for indoor pets

- Program your smart temperature control system to intuitively adjust the inside temperature based on sensing the outside temperature, season, or time of day

Experience the magic at our Control4 Melbourne showroom

We’d love for you to experience all that Control4 has to offer. We have a beautiful and fully integrated Control4 certified showroom and home theatre setup.

Make a booking online or give us a call on 03 9071 2400 for more information.

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