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Stay Warm This Winter with Control4’s Climate Control Options

Maximise your comfort and energy savings with Control4

As we step into winter and its colder months, there are more reasons to stay in and get cosy at home. From baking sessions to family movie nights, we cherish the slow lifestyle and seek out creative, indoor-friendly activities. With the heater cranked to its highest setting on a daily basis, some may worry about the additional energy costs involved.

More than just a fancy thermostat, Control4 Climate Control is designed to combat just that. Intuitively responding to environmental cues, your Control4 climate control system will automatically sense the outside temperature, season or time of day, and adjust the indoor temperature accordingly – without you lifting a finger!

This intelligent temperature control setting makes your home more comfortable all year round while maximising your energy efficiency and reducing your bills in the long run.

Remote smart temperature control from wherever you are

There’s nothing worse than arriving home to a cold house after a long day at work. Rather than waiting for your heating system to kick into action, Control4 climate control can be automatically scheduled or controlled remotely while you’re on the go. Whether you’re gardening in the backyard or returning home from a vacation, you can ramp up the heat from your smartphone app or time it to start, preparing your home for your arrival.

This convenient functionality is particularly handy for households with indoor pets. Whether it’s a blistering summer’s day or a chilly winter’s night, you can ensure your pet’s ultimate comfort and safety throughout the day even when you’re out and about. It’s just as important to care for our furry family members!

With a Control4 thermostat, you can also strategically place hidden remote temperature sensors throughout your property so that you can always enjoy the perfect temperature no matter what room you’re in. It’s comfort and convenience at its finest!

Enjoy seamless functionality, zero clutter

Control4 climate control offers a beautiful, touch screen interface for easy interaction but you can also adjust the settings via your Control4 smartphone app. With this level of flexibility, you’ll have the option to install the actual thermostat in a closet instead of cluttering up a wall – perfect for maintaining your home’s minimalist elegance.

Aside from the thermostat unit, your Control4 setup can also be programmed to control your fireplace and/or shades. For example, if it’s time to get out of bed, you can program your Control4 to automatically roll up the shades, in time to enjoy the morning sunrise. You can also program your system to automatically roll down the shades if it’s a cold day or bedtime. Similarly, your Control4 can also automatically fire up the fireplace when you walk into the room during the colder months.

Climate control is just one of the many smart home solutions that Control4 has to offer. From entertainment to lighting, security and home networking, the beauty of Control4 smart home automation never fails to impress. To experience the full-scale Control4 smart home demo, please book an appointment to visit our Melbourne showroom or give our friendly team a call on 90771 2400.

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