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Home automation ideas for 2022

With the new year, comes the time to consider or reconsider automating aspects of your home. You can take control of the year and your home with simple automation additions that improve your life, save time and make processes enjoyable and efficient.

Home automation is a fantastic choice to drastically improve your life and launch your home into the modern era.

We have put together some automation ideas for you to think about!


Smart lighting is a great automation option for your home as it can help save energy. You can seamlessly interact with your home and have the luxurious feeling of lights dimming and brightening automatically. It is also great for security as you can control lights while you are away from home to appear as if your home is in use.


Listening to music throughout your home seamlessly is easy to accomplish by installing multi-room audio speakers. You can automate the audio to play in specific rooms and if you have an intercom system you can dial into rooms and interact with family members as needed.


Ensuring your home is secure and safe is essential. Automating the security of your home can give you and your family peace of mind. Whether you opt for a complete CCTV camera system or just a basic access control system you can monitor, interact and grant or deny access as needed and even remotely. This is fantastic as the year ramps up and perhaps more people are returning to the office. If you are worried about your home or perhaps want to ensure parcels are delivered properly you can keep an eye on the house all through your phone or tablet, even unlocking and re-locking the door for delivery drivers as needed.


You can enjoy the finest video experiences all through automation. You can have the blinds and lights dim, music and announcements and tv screens or projectors automatically raise and lower. This makes your movie or tv show experience the best it can be!

These are a just a few of the automation ideas on offer but there are plenty more available that will bring efficiency and comfort to your home, such as network connection and climate control.

To learn more about making 2022 the year where you transform your home into an automated masterpiece, contact our team of experts today at 03 9071 2400. With unique and custom home automation solutions you’ll get exactly what works best for you and your needs.

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