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Getting A Home Theatre System for Your Melbourne House


Make your house stand out with a home theatre system in Melbourne. A surround sound system helps turn a simple television into an experience and Nisi Group can help turn that dream into a reality. Implement a home audio experience to rival the theatre, and you’ll never want to leave home again!


Things To Consider When Purchasing A Multi Room Audio System


If you want to turn your entire house into an audio system, keep a couple of options in mind before you purchase.


  • Quality Speaker system: When equipping your house with a Multi Room Audio System, ensure that you get high quality speakers for the best sound experience possible. At Nisi group we will ensure that you get the best quality speakers to enhance your listening experience 

  • Add-ons: As with most technology, there are plenty of additional options for a multi room audio system. Options could be implementing voice activation options such as Alexa or being able to integrate advanced smart home systems. Consider what special features you want before purchasing to make sure your choice delivers everything you want. 

  • Layout: It’s essential to take the size and shape of rooms into consideration for each speaker installation. The theatre room will need surround sound while the kitchen can likely do with a single speaker.


Creative Ways To Use A Home Cinema Melbourne


Now that you have a new audio system, how are you going to use it? Here are some ideas to get you started.


  • Movie Night: What could be better than watching that new release with as close to theatre sound as you can get? Invite the friends, grab the snacks and settle in for the best sounds around thanks to your home cinema in Melbourne.

  • Sports Parties: There’s no need to go to the local bar to enjoy the next football or rugby match when you can invite everyone round to yours. Impress your mates with quality sound and a beautiful screen so you can cheer and chant as much as you want. 

  • Photo Slideshows: Want to show off all the pictures from your recent trip to Italy? What better way than a slideshow set to the sound of a traditional opera? The benefits of a home cinema are visual as well as audio, and you should take advantage of both.


Getting a home cinema in Melbourne is more affordable than ever. Make your theatre system dream a reality with add-ons and controls that can integrate your entire house.


How to Customise Your Multi Room Audio System


At Nisi Group, our experienced staff can help you design and customise the system for your home. We take size and space into consideration to provide you with the ideal design for your house. Our focus on performance and customer satisfaction make us the most reliable option in Melbourne. You can visit our showroom in Cheltenham to see our products in action before purchasing.


Contact us to start optimising your home audio today!

Home Theatre System Melbourne

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