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Contract Highly Skilled Tradesmen to Deliver Your Commercial Electrical Services


Commercial electrical services are critical to the safe and successful execution of electrical installations and maintenance. Adhering to various regulations and standards ensures that our projects pass inspections and function at optimal efficiencies, which is beneficial to your bottom line.


Things You Can Learn from the Nisi Group Regarding Commercial Electrical Installation


Being a leading electrical contracting group, Nisi group employing highly trained tradesmen, skilled in the latest technologies, pride themselves on attention to detail and adhere to industry best practice codes of conduct and standards. Our process is simple, yet when combined with our superior skill set, we consistently deliver high quality work and superb customer service.

  • Plan: The planning phase of a project is crucial and is much like the foundation of a building. Thorough planning ensures the successful execution of a project. We join forces with you and consider your brief from all angles to ensure that your electrical installation can develop and grow with changing technology. Taking this approach enables us to fully understand your desired end result, while being cognizant of your budget, current and developing infrastructure, and timeline.

  • Design: Our innovative approach to design, which embraces current technology, draws from our wealth of experience to create a solution which meets your requirements, has considered safety and functionality while being cost-efficient.

  • OTIF Construction: Our team strives to deliver a commercial electric service in VIC on-time-in-full, every time. To this end, we work meticulously maintaining high accuracy and low wastage in materials. We strive to complete projects to a standard which exceeds your expectation.


The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Commercial Electrical Repair


When scheduling an electrical repair, keep the following tips in mind to expedite the process:

  • Safety first: Ensure access to all electrical points are uncluttered and the area around them clean. A tidy area makes access for us easier and is beneficial to you as it minimises the risk of electrical fire when damage has occurred to a wire.

  • Make a list: Jot down all the complaints or problems you have experienced before you call us out, enabling us to understand the problem better and direct us to the possible cause. A list would also ensure that you don’t forget something and call us out twice.

  • Landlords: Be sure to speak to your landlord regarding all required electrical work. Depending on your rental agreement, which also dictates the extent of changes permitted by the tenant, repairs to the existing electrical installation may be for the landlord's account.


Maintaining and repairing existing electrical installations is essential and should never be unduly postponed.


How Much Do You Know About Commercial Electrical Services in VIC?


Led by hands-on director Damian Nisi, our team of tradesmen are performance-driven to deliver forward-thinking commercial solutions for businesses. We accept projects to work on factories, fit-outs, apartment buildings and general workspaces. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the complex nature of commercial installations and takes a comprehensive approach towards completing projects. Contact us for a consultation to determine how we can meet your electrical needs.

Commercial Electrical Services

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