Electrical Access Control Solutions for Your Melbourne Business


Our professional staff are adept at designing, planning and installing the ideal electronic access control system for your Melbourne business. We have extensive experience with building access control systems to remove the need for multiple keys, can limit unauthorised entry to certain areas and provide you with vital information such as workplace admission records. Our staff are highly trained and licenced electricians who value honesty, integrity and a high standard of work.


About the Professionals at Nisi Group


We are an electrical contracting group that provides tailored security and access solutions ideal for our clients' requirements.

  • Our projects are carefully planned out: Our professionals are skilled at planning and designing the best security and access control system for your company. We pay attention to detail and tailor personalised electrical solutions while maintaining a high level of industry and safety standards. We stay up to date with the latest technology and industry knowledge to give our clients the best outcome for their requirements. Our company will complete your project on time, within budget and with superior construction.

  • Licenced Electricians: Our company is a recognised electrical contractor and employs skilled and licensed electricians. We comply with industry-standard practices and safety protocols and hold a security licence and registration. We have experience providing various electrical solutions to a wide range of businesses across Melbourne and work as the on-call electrician for many large companies.

  • Installers of smoke screens in Melbourne: We will help you further improve the security of your premises and protect your property with Smoke Cloak. Our Melbourne based team is skilled in the installation of this electronic smoke generator, which deters burglars from theft and is the perfect accompaniment to your alarm system.

Benefits of Access Control Solutions for Your Vic Business


With our access control solutions, you can have the ideal design that suits your workplace and employees.


  • Program a single device for multiple access areas: Whether you opt for a key-fob, PIN or swipe card as your entry device, you can program it for your staff to have access to multiple areas of your business premises. You can easily program this single device with different access options depending on the security clearance of your staff, and it eliminates the need to carry a bulky key chain. Alternatively, you can assign rights to them through their recorded fingerprint and remove the risk of having access devices lost or stolen.

  • Incorporate time-based restrictions: Using the latest access control technology, you can program your employee's device with time-based restrictions and limit the hours during which they can enter your building. This method of restricted access gives you control over who is allowed entry into the premises after hours and is another way to ensure that you always know who is coming and going from your property and when. Giving your employees electronic entry devices means that you can remotely change those times and areas of access anytime.

  • Visualise log and reports of access to areas of your property: You can access data logs and see reports on who has gained entry to your premises at specific times and for how long they remained on site. This tool can help identify the responsible person when something is stolen, or you notice property damage. You can also run tailored reports for any specific insight you need as all information is automatically recorded.


We use Inception by Inner Range for security and access control. This system uses web-based software that is built directly into the main controller and gives you easy access to information and the ability to make changes via a web browser on your computer or smartphone.


History of Nisi Group


Founded by the managing director of the company, Damian Nisi, we are leading electrical contracting group that maintain high work standards. Our professionals are licenced electricians that provide a range of services including access control security systems, smart home automation, CCTV and commercial electrical solutions. We stand apart with our personalised service, up to date industry knowledge and innovative ideas. Contact us today for a customised access control security service in Vic by qualified electrical solution industry leaders. 

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