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Get the Most Out of Your Home with an Annual Control4 Subscription

Stay connected wherever you are with Control4’s 4Sight subscription plan

Arguably one of the world’s most prominent smart home automation solutions, Control4 gives you the freedom to enhance the accessibility of your home. By automating chores and simplifying daily routines, you’ll be able to streamline almost every aspect of your lifestyle, at your fingertips.

To enjoy the full Control4 smart home experience, they offer an annual subscription to their 4Sight services, with the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) at $140 in Australia.

Added benefits of the annual 4Sight subscription

Keeping you connected like never before, the yearly 4Sight subscription helps you to get the most out of your Control4 smart home setup, from hands-on personalisation to easy voice control and on-the-go mobile access.

You’ll have remote access to your home, even when your device is not connected to your home network, providing the ultimate ease and peace of mind.

These added features and benefits allow you to take advanced control of your everyday.

The flexibility to personalise your Control4 setup to your exact liking

To maximise the value of your smart home, we highly recommend that you go through a certified Control4 dealership, like the team at Nisi Group. Based on what you’re wanting out of your smart home system, we’ll tailor your Control4 setup to your unique needs. Whether it’s smart lighting or automated climate control or a whole-house set up, we’ll guide you the whole way through from design to professional installation and maintenance.

Once it’s been installed, the 4Sight yearly subscription plan allows you to customise and fine-tune your set up to match your everyday requirements. As routines and lifestyles evolve, you can update your systems using 4Sight’s web-based personalisation tool, ‘When >> Then’.

Easy hands-free control with smart voice commands

Sometimes, you just can’t grab your phone and multi-task. For example, if you’re walking up the driveway with two handfuls of shopping bags and need the door to be unlocked. With a 4Sight subscription, you can take advantage of total hands-free control by using simple voice commands, such as Alexa, unlock the door” or “Hey Google, turn on the lights”.

It’s experiencing the art of freedom and being able to truly multi-task, with convenient, on-the-go access wherever you are.

Customised push notifications and alerts

Whether you’re out on the weekend or overseas on holiday, you can use 4Sight to create customer push notifications to alert you of specific events. This can be set up to notify you of visitors, detected water leaks or even if the garage door hasn’t been shut properly.

You’ll be able to jump on to urgent situations quickly, as well as receive scheduled status updates – it’s your call.

<h3>Full control of your home at your fingertips

With Control4, as long as you have a smart device, whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop or watch, you can control every room and function in your home that’s connected to the set up.

Whether you’re at home, in the garden, in the office or on the way home, Control4 is designed to give you unprecedented freedom and advanced mobile access.

Complement your Control4 setup with a yearly subscription to 4Sight services to truly unlock one-tap access to your smart home and enjoy remote access from virtually anywhere.

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